Apr 18, 2010


Our Easter weekend was spent in some work and a bit of pleasure all combined. Like a lot of people, we rely on fire wood to keep our house warm in winter. One of the only perks my husband still gets is free fire wood, through working for the local council. But you have to get it in your own time with your own tools.
A lot of people don't take advantage of this perk, but we always do. It saves us a lot of money, especially because our woodburner also heats the water for showers etc. And it is a sustainable fuel, this way.
This time there was a dry cut down willow at the river. Already in large pieces. A good wood to burn first to start the heat spreading fast.
The girls had a walk in the river and explored the opposite bank.
The temperature is cooling down now, but still nice and refreshing on a hot autumn day.

Not only does he cook and knows how the washing machine works, he also does all this macho stuff..... I am so lucky!! Thank you for looking after us, it makes things so much easier when I can't do things with one good leg.
And he's got another nice hobby; making beer and whiskey. My dad showed him how to a few years ago and now he has taught other people in turn. They share tips and recipes, and have taste testings....
Left contains whiskey and right is beer , ready for bottling. And no that is not illegal in NZ, there are special shops where you can buy all you require for it.
Of course you just have to monitor your alcohol consumption , it's too easy to get in trouble.

This is what my eldest daughter likes to do when she is home ; bake biscuits and cakes and make fudge. Very dangerous too, especially at the moment with me being a bit immobile and on the couch a lot...

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