Apr 16, 2009

News from February in April!

This is an update about the Art Deco Weekend in February. Is it really April already?! Scary...
 My neighbouring town of Napier , 20 mins driving away , has a yearly Art Deco Weekend. Most of the inner city was re-built in the early 1930's in Art Deco architectural style. On the 3d of February 1931 there was a severe earthquake that just about flattened all of the brick and stone houses in Napier and Hastings. Killed quite a few people , and the following fires caused more mayhem.  Somewhere in the late 1980's I think ,the city realized it had an untapped tourist attraction in its midst. Building owners were encouraged to take off the boardings covering up the original shop facades and repaint in original colours. Any new buildings went up in the art deco style. And now the whole week is crammed full of fun events , many free public access, and people travel from overseas to attend. There are dances and costume competitions and jazz performances  and dinners , vintage car rallies and a real wedding in style. What I like to go to is the Great Gadsby Picnic by the seafront. It is free , and people come to look at each other and show off.  Even if you don't attend as a picnic-er , people still dress up anyway , really adding to the city's atmosphere. It is usually a hot day with  a bright blue sky , against which the 
biplanes'  display of loop-e-de-loops right above the picnic and town , is quite spectacular.
So here are my eldest and I in our art deco get up. She is wearing a vintage 30's shirt with glass buttons . And I my handmade felt cloche hat .
From town we stroll to the beachfront.
Here is a jolly party having lunch. Love the ladies' parasols , very needed in ozone hole New Zealand.  Cucumber sandwiches anyone?
I just had to snap this 3-some. Rather dashing  , eh what!
The owners of this picnic set just loved the pink and green pressed glasswear. So summery!
One way of take-along entertainment. Some people also bring a maid or a butler , and if you 're really posh ;  both of course.
And your best china and silverwear!
And second choice also ; it is about showing off one's best finds!

Now for some gardening and more homely things.
I'm not very good at growing courgettes , but am brilliant at really whopping marrows! Just plant and forget to check... These were all processed in my pasta sauce , you just grate those marrows into the sauce , it helps to thicken it and takes on the flavour of  the sauce , and adds extra fibre and vitamins. Then when I open a jar in the winter , all I add is cheese sauce and meat and pour over  the pasta.  Homegrown summer veges!