Nov 12, 2010

Creations by others.

The most beautiful colour in the world: Bird's Egg Blue. On red and white polkadots.
The little egg came from my Dad's and his wife's garden, she gave it to me. The little nest blew out of a tree from our own garden last autumn.

I love bird's nests. No-one teaches the birds how to do it, they just know! I had a good look at this one, it has bits of blue plastic from an old tarpaulin woven into it, and little unravelled threads from washed fabrics on the washing line.
I often throw these threads and bits of wool on the ground on purpose, hoping the birds can use them. Obviously they do, which pleases me immensely.

So clever!!
A new flower piece by our youngest daughter, with a twist. It was displayed at school in the art room. The threads in the middle represent a dream catcher.
I like it.
And our eldest is back home again from university. She is planning on having a gap year, earn money and go see Europe next year. Then continue her study the year after. She has suddenly realised that she is free to do as she likes in this world!
She made us a lovely hotcakes breakfast on Sunday. With fresh strawberries. Delicious!

Ok, some opshop finds to show off. From left to right; a tin serving tray with the red and light blue colour combo, a large bell-tea tin in fantastic condition, so kiwiana. And another kiwiana tin; Edmonds(sure to rise) baking powder.
I put some old buttons in it.
Can I get the lid off again? Nope...
The little blue tin is such a lovely colour blue, I had to have it for 50 cents.
The little biscuit tin with the red polkadot-dressed girl sewing on her tiny sewing machine , is just my favourite. I saw it in a second hand shop in Waipukurau. But I left it there, because my hubbie kinda rolled his eyes at my collectors/hoarding bug. A year went by and I passed by that shop again with some of my felting friends. I went straight to that back shelf and rummaged through all the cake tins. And there it was, still waiting for me....
It was obviously mine in the first place.

The little blue tin was for dressmaker's steel pins. But I bought it full of little metal bobbins.
What can I do with those? Has anyone got a creative idea?

Nov 5, 2010

19 is a lot, but 30 even more.

My eldest turned 19 recently. I made her a card from an old pocketbook cover. Because she would "get" the funny retro kitschy part of it. The 60's cool speak, with puritanical overtones.
"exquisitely gay social comedy..." Laugh out loud!
It was a very boring little story. I struggled to find anything funny, except as a looking back to that kind of writing-thing.
So I wrote a message to my girl about it. I just learned how to do this kind of writing on a little demo on Utube. I love little demos, fun to learn something new.
Be warned: the next lot of writing on the photos comes from my old diary, and is in Dutch. I will not be translating. Sorry.
Last month my family passed the 30 year anniversary of our immigration into New Zealand. I still believe that it is 1 of the best things that ever happened to me.
So here an extract of those last days of my other life, and the beginning of a new one. All from the viewpoint of my little 14 year old self.
Not incredibly eloquent...

But a neat record to have. I have always journaled in some way or another. This blog is just the latest version. Thanks for reading!!