Jan 8, 2020

Sustainable Opshop Fashions.

The first week of 2020, and the local opportunity-shops have opened again. Most volunteers like to spend the Festive Season at home, but now they have restocked their shelves, and I like to visit those nearby on my list. I scored very well on nice clothes, and, as I usually go on about vintage books and jewellery, I thought I'd give you a little fashion show.
I have a lot of clothes, mostly recycled like this, and lately I look for natural long-lasting materials, like linen. Garments I can wear for years to come.

 I am loving the layered (or "lagen") look. Very easy to create too.
A mustard coloured tunic, 100% linen. (Two-fold opshop, Columba church, Taradale, $8 )
This was my most expensive item for the day, and I will probably take out the sleeves, as they pull a little.
Teamed here with a brown cotton skirt, covered with white embroidered leaves. (St.Vincent de Paul, Napier, $1)

A pink 100% Silk, fringed scarf, with some yellow and brown print. (St.Augustine church $0.50)
Bracelet with faux pearls and green handblown glass beads (Salvation Army store, Greenmeadows $1) and from the same shop a vintage pin with pink ceramic forget-me-nots, ($3)

A pleasing rusty-red dress, just past the knees-length, with side splits, adjustable straps, and -oh joy- POCKETS. Made from a viscose linen blend. (Red Cross shop, Onekawa, $5)
A long cotton scarf in my favourite sky blue, printed with silver dragonflies. (Twofold opshop, Taradale, $3) Saw it, grabbed it immediately. Gorgeous.

Accessories to go with this outfit, are vintage clip-on earrings with real slices of natural geodes, (Greenmeadows Sallies, $2) and a silver tone necklace with a carved bone pendant (Taradale Sallies, $5).

A pair of wide 3 quarter pants, in red linen and viscose blend, (Twofold opshop, Taradale $5)
With a white v-neck t-shirt (Savemart, Ahuriri,$3.99) and the blue scarf.

The earrings as before, but now with a vintage brooch, goldtone with teal Austrian crystals, (Sallies, Greenmeadows, $3)
 Here is the mustard tunic again, this time teamed with oatmeal coloured linen drawstring pants (Twofold opshop,  Taradale $4.50) Brown raw silk scarf (St.Augustine church, $1)
My faces' skin colour does not like to be teamed by too much yellow, so if I wear a different colour scarf, this seems to stop people asking me if I'm alright...hahaha.

The same combination but now accessorised with light-blue.
Lightweight blue and white sandals with a slight heel, (Red Cross, Napier, $7)

And the mustard tunic again, but now with the red pants and pink scarf, and a pair of red Rieker shoes. (Red Cross, Napier $7)
So, there you go. Comfortable and inexpensive clothes, easy on the wallet, eye and landfill.
I hope you liked shopping with me!