Jul 5, 2016

Ahrr, me Hearties, where's me treasures...!

Chocolate-box full of auction treasure.
So I couldn't felt last year. Not that I felt all the time, mind, but when you get told you can't do something, the itch gets worse. 
While tidying (yes really..) I opened the bottom drawer, which was empty many years ago and thus had become a perfect place to put interesting necklaces and beads into, which had come home because they looked useful. I decided to tip the drawer upside down on the empty table, just to see what had gathered there. And gave myself a fright.
Quite a bit of jewellery. 
So I started cleaning, dismantling and sorting everything. Colours by colours, metals by metals, glass, pearls, semi-precious stones, brooches, I even kept the findings and closures.

Some odd-ball bits as well.
A  course at the local Arts Centre presented itself, how to repair and remake old jewellery.
 Very timely the Universe provided, yet again.
I had a great time and learned a lot.
I won a couple of Auctions from down the hill, just to add really odd and old stuff to the mix.
I can't wait to somehow use those fountain-pen nibs, or that sweet little spoon.

Another auction lot...
And no-one else put a bid on that box with tatty looking rags, bits of fur and an old tin of baking powder, but I had already spotted in that jumble black silk dress pieces; never put together, water taffeta, handmade tatting and very old lace pieces, an old leather wallet with silver corners, sequins and gold lace, braiding and ribbons, and an old foxy stole. Most from the first half of the 1900's judging by the shape of the dress pieces and lace.
A veritable feast for a textile lover.
Now, how to incorporate fur....

It looked like a jumble of scraps, however...
Then I started playing. And combining, and trying stuff out.
Taking away and adding.

Treasure for myself.
This one is for myself.  
Sterling silver, real pearls, moonstone, rose quartz, antique lace, a belt buckle, a tiny key, sparkly bracelet links, vintage porcelain forget-me-nots and a Madonna medallion to represent the Goddess in all her forms.
I love wearing it.

Peony Roses in an old coffeepot.
Oh I wish it were Spring already. But we have only just gone past the shortest day.... 
Luckily photos cheer me up too.