Oct 26, 2012

My Collaged Critters.

Sorrowful Rabbit Lady
So I wrote in the sideline ( see top right ) that I "play a little with  paper, glue and paints."
Except I hardly ever show you...
Well here then some play-time from the last few months, while my studio/workroom was in a mess, and all my stuff in at least 3 different places.
 I asked for my small art table to be put in the livingroom, and when my hands got itchy, this is what I made with some magazines, scissors, paint, glue, a black felt and a white gel-pen.

 I had been surfing the how-to-art videos on you-tube, and was inspired by Sandra van der Geest, who was inspired in turn by Teesha Moore, a well known art journaller .
And that is how things work in the world, one person sees something, which triggers off another vision, which in turn triggers off something else again.
It has always worked like that for millennia, except now we are going at a flying pace.

Can I just say that I find You-tube immensely helpful in anything arty; there are so many generous people out there, so enthused about their own, or sometimes others' little technique in this or that. They just have to share it with other likeminded people around the world.
Want to learn a particular way of drawing , or spinning technique? Someone has already filmed it!
Thank you!
 I have had oodles of fun!
Koala Baby.
I have always cut out interesting pictures from magazines. But with this method I can make them come together as a whole. They look slightly cartoonish, a bit surreal.
Even a little dark.
Seawitch and her Captive.
And most of them are actually giving me a message.
So I might still write some words next to them too. In an arty kind of way.

Teatime Ducky.
And before you go asking me that annoying question "what are you going to do with them?", well I have already done it. I made them.

It was really relaxing to just sit there and muck about with paint and scissors. Not knowing what would appear on my page was exciting. Trying to fit pictures together, here an arm, a skirt, weird big eyes, bit of hair, an animal part.
 Then drawing lines and pulling it all together, that part was hypnotic and soothing.
The new critters, my weird little people: they made me smile when they were "done".

Seriously addictive process, beats watching t.v. anytime.

Unless of course if you were watching "The Killing" episodes, at a rate of 2 episodes a night.
 No, not the american version (what is with that anyway? Can't they read subtitles, or come to grips with another way of telling a story except for the 5 Hollywood prescribed plot outlines....) , but the original Danish series, "Forbrydelsen". Very good plots, marvelous acting! No car chases, and 2 gunshots in 20 episodes in the first series. But brilliant tension levels.
We Highly Recommend it.
Took a while to get to New Zealand...
I have even picked up some Danish words like tak ger, I guess it means thanks very much.
(Cousin S. please correct me if I got it by the wrong end of the stick!)

Birdgirl letting go.
Anyhow, I don't think I can do much with these collages, since there are copyrights on the photos I have used.  Unless I have altered them sufficiently in percentage levels ?..


softearthart said...

Well now, these are real cool, very arty indeed, and I love the WWW as well for tutorials and sharing. cheers Marie

Elmtree said...

Thanks Marie.
Yes, I know that there are a lot of real horrid and offensive things on youtube, but luckily most people in the world are nice, and quite a number very creative.
In a way an underestimated source of inspiration for makers like you and I.