Oct 13, 2012

Elmtree's Handspun Art Yarn.

Elmtree's Handspun Art Yarn.
 My first 20 hanks of handspun art yarn all ready for the shop!
Phew, what a job, but one I did with a big smile on my face!
 Today, before we went for our Saturday morning coffee, we dropped this lot off at the shop ("Gather" in Napier) and the shop lady loved it. Now we'll see how it goes!
  Here they are on the shops' blog .Super exciting!
whitewashing floor.
 This was us last week white washing the newly sanded floor with a 50/50 mixture of white sealer with danish oil. He brushed it on and I rubbed it in and off.
The next 5 consecutive days it got another layer of only danish oil rubbed in.
It is done!!
 Although my love didn't really like the blond finish at first, it is growing on him, and he now thinks it is alright.
 I think it is perfect. Just how I pictured this room in my head for the last year.
 Thank You Darling! You are a D.I.Y. Meister!!

Oak cabinet Before.
I found a hanging cabinet ( $25 nz ) some months ago, thinking it would be very handy near my sewing machine, or just for displaying some treasures in.
But full of scratches and a cheap particle-board backing. Dark too.

Oak cabinet After.
So a bit of sanding and a few layers of white (yes! ) paint, and a scrap of vintage wallpaper.
Now it is worthy of being called shabby chique.
Come into my room, little cabinet...

Pinks, red and white.
 This is what happened to the pink lolly fluff I showed you in last weeks' post. Scrumptious threads.

Elmtree's labels.
 Each hank weighs around 50 to 60 grams, I'm not a machine, so never exactly.
They look pretty spiffy in their wrappers I think.

Natural colours with Gottland curls.
The other side of the wrapper provides all the info on contents and length and weight and washing instructions.
This yarn has long curls of Gottland wool spun into it. Quite time consuming to spin, but when you knit it up, the curls will stick randomly out of the garment or scarf. It will make it look wild and feral. I think the shop keeper might keep this one for herself, she really liked it.
And she reckoned I should keep going...
But I might have a little break. And decorate my room first.

Multicoloured art yarn spun wiggly with loads of bits in it.
This yarn was fun, it has a myriad of colours in it, all left over from many felting projects over the years, and not just mine, but also my Ma's . I have been going through her stash that was left to me, and selecting colours and combining them with my own wool. I then threw in handfulls of bits of different yarns and threads, including sparkly stuff.
 Well, she was the one to teach me how to spin in the first place, so very fitting!

Multi coloured handspun art yarn.

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