Oct 3, 2012

Taking a break from the house.

Shabby Chique Decorating in a  Wellington cafe. 
2 Weeks ago we made a weekend trip to Wellington. We had managed to get a good deal on an inner city hotel, with parking and breakfast included. Time to catch up on our eldest daughter, some friends and my brother and his wife. And also to stop my husband from wearing himself out on renovations.

I really like what they did to the lighting in the cafe above, it makes you smile!

A spring weather trip.
We had a great afternoon ride there, seeing all the lambs and fresh young greens. The weather was super and the bulk of the traffic was going away from Wellington.

Fresh snow on the Kaweka ranges.
Snow from the week before was glinting in the sun, but the weather was not as nice across those ranges as you can see, often we have beautiful weather in Hawkes' Bay, because the clouds get stuck behind the ranges.

A part of Wellington we hadn't seen yet.
Our daughter took us for a walk and we saw a bit of unknown Wellington. Very picturesque, gorgeous old wooden houses and shop fronts.

Old colonial style shops.

Houses clinging to the hill side.
She cooked for us 1 night in her crowded student ( 5 students ) flat, which is damp and cold. It has just been renovated, but this did not include insulation. The new curtains already have mold on them. I really think that houses and flats should get a Warrant of Fitness, just like cars. They have 1 lousy little heater in the main room, but no doors on the hallway or kitchen.
I brought her some new woolen slippers (homespun) and bags of fresh vegetables and spuds, and 6 liters of milk.
 Her studies are going well! and she is loving Wellington!

The weather was very kind and sunny, causing us to have several coffees on a terrace with her and her boyfriend ( 1st time we met him) , and also with old friends.

Here a fab display of retro serving trays at the same cafe.
 Where did they find that super retro (but awful) wallpaper...
Display of serving trays.

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