Oct 12, 2011

My Handy Hubby!

Water labyrinth.
It's high time for a Bathroom Update. My bloke is spending every bit of his spare time watching the rugby working on our bathroom.
 The last photos were of the room being stripped of walls and ceilings. Then the plumber paid us a visit and got all the plumbing attached. It meant that the room below (my storage room) had to be emptied as much as possible, and the ceiling panels taken out, so that the waste-pipes could be gotten to.
 Luckily our eldest daughter is swanning around Europe somewhere, so all my fabrics and wool etc, is now heaped up in her room.
The Amazing Zucchini Brothers Circus Balancing Act.
 The heavy ceiling panels were next to go up. Thank heavens I didn't witness this....
Apparently this was a 1 man job.
Worked first time!
We have light.
 Then the electrician came around, and installed the lights, heater and extractor fan.
Insulation and braces.
Now insulation needed to go into the walls before the waterproof  panels went up. A friend with welding abilities made us some steel braces which the Man attached inside the wall. These are for supporting the wooden shelves in a seemingly floating manner. Clever thinking, huh!

It fits first go!
 Now he had to cut the 'villaboard' in exactly the right places so he could just slot all those braces and plumbing pipes straight through.
Bingo! No swearing required!
 He also drew on the plumbing diagram, so he wouldn't drill a hole into the pipes...
Closing up small and large holes.
The big hole in the wall where the hallway cupboard used to be is now covered up, and all nail holes are plastered in. Please note the earmuffs and dustmask.
Thanks mate for looking after yourself! I still want to be able to talk with you when you're an old man!
A paint job.
 Cornices/scotia are added to the gaps in the corners and a few licks of paint too. Now it's starting to look professional don't you think?
Time to cut the floor tiles.
 Oh dear a bit of swearing... One of his advisors (thanks MvdV) has informed him that it would be better if there was no paint on the bits of wall that will have tiles stuck to it.
Quite a bit of sanding later, and Man and home covered in fine dust, ready for the next step.
Which was leveling the floor with this goo, before laying out and cutting the floor tiles.
The floor tiles fit!
Wow, it's going to look fantastic! These will be glued in, then grouted.
 And that's where we are at the present.
 Our eldest girl is coming home from her O.E. next Monday (if all goes according to plan in Greece), and the plumber will not have been by then, so we just have to clear her room and fill it up again another day when he does have to connect stuff.
But that's just how it is. No big deal.
 Till the next update!

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