Oct 10, 2011

Exploring my Neighbourhood.

Coloured Bobbins and the Child.
 Another little display of the lovely bobbins with bright colours and a plaster child Jesu of Prague.

I haven't written for the whole of September! And I was going so well; regular-like.
We have just been getting on with the business of going to work, keeping things going at home, such as the bathroom. Which is going slow but steady, no hold-ups or disasters, not much swearing coming out of that room...Hahaha! A very good sign. Even most of the bills are paid!
Up, up, up we go.
We have been exploring our neighbourhood, and found a new way to get into town; more strenuous, but more panoramic too. We go over the hill and through a little park back down the hill to a coffee shop.
My blue sky neighbourhood.
 And when you look back you see our place from a whole different angle. Didn't get that in Hastings!
Our tree filled gully and drive.
I imagine you can't see this in the summer months, now we can see through the trees. Isn't our Oak tree massive!
Still amazed this is ours!
 I can see my kitchen curtains, haha. And on the deck is where we'll be sitting with our lunch.
Bananas in someone's garden.

Napier town through the trees.
 In the little park we zig-zag our way back down to get our Saturday morning coffee on a terrace in town.
McLean Park ready for the Rugby Cup.
We can see this sports' stadium from the end of our street. This whole country has gone super rugby mad ( that is even more than usual!) and I am so sick of the whole thing!! Amazingly enough I have actually watched parts of 4 games so far. I do have to wince each time they slam into each other though, and I even say "ouch" out loud...
 We've had the French and Canadians and the Japanese supporters here in town and Napier has been very welcoming to our visitors. It has been lovely hearing all the foreign languages in town.
Textile graffiti on the trees in Napier.
 These have really been liked by many people, local knitters and fibre artists "graffiti-bombed" the palmtrees in town. People have been stroking and patting the trees.
Pania knit bombing.
 I would like to have shown you the 3-d mermaid, or the knitted Canadian flag, but they got nicked...
Some naughty thief is cuddling that mermaid ...
Canada versus France world cup Rugby.
This was a cold night, but the singing and cheering was loud! Sorry, I forgot the score. ;)

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