Oct 13, 2011


Chartreuse Light.
Our Oak tree has burst into leaf in the last 2 weeks, they are a chartreuse colour. Even the light outside seems tinged with it. It is a glorious spring colour and has a delectable name as well.
Chartreuse... mmm!
Also known as wax-eyes, they have the same lovely chartreuse colouring. They are very busy, fast little birds that never sit still, and live in traveling groups. They eat bugs and seeds and like the nectarwater. They quarrel and make squeaky peeping noises. The male can sing a wonderful high pitched song.

I put bits of threads from washing fabric outside this time of year, the birds sometimes grab them for making their nests.
Oak in flower.
The leaves are still feathery around the edges from newness, and the whole tree is flowering. You don't think about oaks having flowers, but the acorns have to come from something, don't they?

I was outside talking with my neighbour this afternoon, and an older gentleman stopped by. He turned out to be the son of the man that built this house. In 1941 he  had helped his father with the building of their new home. The tree was already there! He said that he used to do his study underneath it in the hot summer. It was a very interesting conversation, nice to have met him.

This evening we had a thunderstorm, and with the dark blue rain-sky, yet still plenty of light coming from the west, the colour was all lit up.
I sat on top of the kitchen bench with the window wide open , while I cooked dinner. The sound of the occasional thunder and the rushing sound of water and wind in the tree was refreshing. The bellbird thought so too and gave me a private performance.

Yellow and Green finds.
Since it is school holidays I did a little op-shopping in the shops that are only open during the time that I work. Some are only open once a week.
Zips in fresh spring colours, a vintage pattern and a 1901 music sheet for my paper packs, a golden yellow linen serviette for a zip pouch, and 3 skeins of gorgeously hand dyed embroidery cotton.

Wakey, wakey!
On Monday morning I was expecting to have a little sleep-in. But was woken up at 7:20 by a strange bird sound. I could not place it, so I got up, grabbed the camera, and found a partridge in a peartree a californian quail up in the Jacaranda tree.
 He flew away smoothly with a loud chookchook alarmcall.

She sees the sea shore.
The neighbours' jacaranda tree has now lost all its leaves (they hang on until the tree gets ready for the blue spring flowers), and there is a small sea-view out of the kitchen window.
 We can hear the waves crashing on the stony beach !
Leafy barkcloth.
Mint-green damask serviettes, hand embroidered roses from long ago, and a gorgeous length of 50's/60's barkcloth. Although just 22cm in width, I can still use it. Probably for zip pouches or handbags.

Having a spring-break at home is just fine with me!

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