Sep 26, 2008

Felting all weekend!

I seem to get very busy during the week these days. After I come home from my part-time job , it's lunch then another load of washing , some household chores , some days I run an errant, and before you know it the girls are home from school and it is time to make coffee and  to have a sit down with my hubby. Then take the washing down and start dinner. While they do dishes , I usually fold the clothes and put them away. This week I had an order to fill for some Bushbabies so I then stitch all evening. Somewhere along the line I need to get more studio time in. Preferably in the afternoon. Which means I have to just leave some of the chores to later in the day. Which makes me feel kinda guilty. At the moment I pay my eldest to vacuum clean. My youngest is now helping with the dusting , since she complained of not enough spending money. This really helps ! But I have these self made rules ; I should have my chores done before I get to play. But as everyone knows ; a woman's work is never done. I've kinda set myself up for failure there... 
So last weekend I was asked to give a workshop in a felting technique by the extension group of the local embroidery guild. I taught about 15 talented stitchers how to make 3-d felted flowers. We all had a fun day.
          All these busy hands! Kneading and shaping and rubbing.
            And they all had success ! And these lovely flowers lend themselves so beautifully for embellishing and embroidering and beading. I'd love to see them after these ladies are completely finished with them.
                  Quite a few ladies bought my little wool kits and were not scared at all in trying my black and white and red colour mix. As a matter of fact , you could really notice that they were the extension group , not panicked by mistakes; instead they either tried to fix the mistakes by themselves, having already worked out how you can adhere wool to other wool , or they creatively used the mistake as part of their design. But there were not many mistakes made. 
        The felting class was held in our local Rudolph Steiner school . A wonderful building with a lovely feeling.  On a gorgeous spring day too.
On Sunday there was the HB Felting group at Keirunga , which I run. A lovely lively informal group of felters, who like to come together to work on their own projects , and help each other and inspire each other. This time there were no beginners that needed tutoring , which was really nice actually , this way I could work on my own thing and socialize. 
Last week of school term and then we go to Christchurch for a family visit. Looking forward to it. I shall take some stitching with me. 

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