Sep 7, 2008

Bonus for last weekend.

     Last friday I had to be in my neighbouring town , Napier , which is only 20 minutes away. I picked up a book for my spinning club and bought myself one too. Not a fibre book this time , but a book I need to read for the book club I belong to.  While I was there I decided to try my luck in a few little opshops.  Another tablecloth with pink fruit , an aqua-blue gingham fabric ,a neat floral fabric with the same aqua colour in it , and a cute flannel piece with white teddies on a swing. Cute teapot doilie , but you should see the back : huge knots and long strings left on!
In case you are wondering ; no, none of my finds came this lovely looking. I have already soaked and washed and ironed them in the picture , they were all yellow with age and quite a few stains.
     And a handful of embroidered serviettes and cloths. It was a colour coordinated shopping spree. I might make some more bracelets out of these.
   And some vintage patterns. I just love the pictures. That red apron is totally adorable.
The drawing style of the old patterns was so different . You will need to wear some foundation garments if you want to actually make these lovely frocks fit.  Love the gloves. I can remember wearing little white gloves to church when I was a very small girl in the 60's. It meant you had to sit quietly , because otherwise they'd be black in an instant and mum would be cross.
  Well I had a great weekend with a big party to go to , it was a dress up with the theme being 70's t.v. show.  Everyone was really into it , my man went as a gumby from the Monty Python's flying circus , and he had me laughing all night. I went as Sapphire from that weird sci-fi show Sapphire and Steel. I found the perfect blue nylon dress in an oppshop of course , it was quite sexy , and I danced a great deal. The party was held in a 100 + year old house, which actually has a ballroom , and it was filled with people. Sometimes you just need to let your hair down.
  I didn't drink , since I'd be driving , and also on Sunday I was looking after my nephew , who is 1 yr old . You need to be clearheaded for that sort of job! 

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