Oct 31, 2008

Trip to the "mainland" in spring.

It's been a few weeks since my last post . I'll show you later some of the why's.
 Here a picture of our front yard. Since we have good soil it seemed a waste not to use it. Most people have a respectable lawn which only gets used when mowed. But these are our new raised beds from salvaged materials , and the worms in the compost bins have been working very hard with providing us with the best black compost , with help from my friend J's horses. We are planting them up in a "staggered" manner after the last dangers of frost have gone. Stuff the ancient veges in the supermarkets at daft prices...!
This photo was taken just before we hopped in the car to go on our trip to Christchurch. I just wanted to hug this gorgeous tree in front of our house , and hoped that I wouldn't miss the whole display by the time we got back. As it was ,I still enjoyed a week of it before the rain took care of it. I love the way it turns our street into a pink confetti party left-over.
After a 4 hour trip to Wellington, a night in a cheap camping batch , we boarded the ferry. Bye stormy Wellington . Love the clolour of the waves when it is mixed with airbubbles , aqua-blue.
Well ,we saw this brilliant ship just out of the harbour. An Argentinian naval training vessel. I grabbed my thick llama and wool coat and sprinted up to the deck and click ; I had it. Husband said he was sure we saw this ship before : in Amsterdam at Sail 1990. Not sure how he can tell one pirate ship from the next, but I believe him. You can really imagine the first colonial settlers coming to New Zealand like this. Not much of a harbour to sail into either. Probably had to load everything off with rowing boats onto the beach. What a pain it must have been to get your little leather button-up booties wet! And all those petticoats...
After a good 2 hours of steadily chugging along ( I did some sewing on my Bushbabies ,and saw a dolphin jump in front of the ferry!) we reach the lovely Sounds. Sun shining warmly, and checking the water for seals. Most people on deck ( I eavesdropped) were fantasizing about living in one of the  little houses along the coves with tiny private beaches. Nice for a holiday , but not so cool for supplies or in a storm , in my opinion.
More in my next post.

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