Dec 26, 2013

Christmas Children and Wise Men.

Needle-felted Wizard by Elmtree.
Just before Christmas I finished and delivered my last orders. Amongst them my very first handpuppet, that you have seen before, but now with hands. He went to a good home, and will be used by a drama teacher for story telling. Awesome!

The Wily Wizard of the Woods.

A new Trike for Christmas.
The child I look after at school, who has special needs, had a wonderful last assembly. She was presented with a new trike; the money was partly raised by school with a sausage sizzle, and the rest came from the Halberg Sports Trust . Absolutely Fantastic Day!

I found this little Xmas childrens story made by the Auckland St.Pauls church. Very cleverly done.

Summer Christmas dinner with lobster!
Christmas day for our family was a nice low-key affair, our youngest divided her time between her house, with boyfriend and son and all her "-in-laws" and us and her work residents. Our eldest came up from Wellington and it was so nice to see her. We spent the afternoon at my brothers' household, and were truly spoilt with a sumptious summer feast.

Cooking scallops to perfection.
These men knew just what to do in the kitchen and everything was delicious.
I like a man in a floral shirt!
Christmas hats are compulsory in this house hold, and we all miraculously pulled one out of our crackers that went with our outfits!
The first spoon breaking into the 6-layered jelly.
And of course the desert table was a triumph, as only my sister-in-law can do. It was served after a nice walk and some strenuous games of badminton. The weather was mild and the forecasted rain stayed away after all.
We got that rain today in stead. Never mind!Hope you had a relaxed Christmas yourselves!

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