Nov 27, 2013

Needle-felted Lady, and a lunch at a lake.

Deer-Princess eye.
Recently a new puppet was started. I wanted it to be a Princess character. I also wanted her to have a long shaped face with a tiny chin. But she had to be kind. Not cold.
After I found a book on good and bad fairies by Brian Froud, I got lots of visual ideas for face shapes.
 Her mouth became quite small, but with a hint of large front teeth. The space between mouth and nose puffed out like a grazing animal.

Not quite human.
Her eyes turned out just as I wanted: large, expressive and alert.
Then I knew who she was, my Princess was a deer princess! A kind doe. She only speaks quietly and thoughtfully.

Some Brian Froud inspiration.
I'll show more of her, when she is properly finished. She needs some ears now you see. And hair.

Lake Rotorua.
A little road-trip was called for when we bought a new coffee table. Which was in Rotorua.

Lunch at the Lake.
So we went for a day trip, 5 and a half hours there and back. With lovely stops in Taupo for great coffee and morning tea. The weather was lovely and spring like. Lake Rotorua smooth and even the usual sulphur smell there, was not too over whelming. 
Sometimes you just have to get out of the house!

Black swan and signets. 

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