Jul 23, 2012

Winter Warm and Cosy.

The oak tree from the kitchen.
It is still very much winter, even though some early jonquils are out. The winter daphne is blooming below our deck, and every time I go out there to feed the birds their nectar water, the beautiful daphne scent wafts up. A fresh sweet, lemony smell.
 I do put some in a vase, but it will only release its scent in a cold room.

Wet lichens
The oak looks all soft and fresh, clad in its green lichens.
The raindrops are twinkling in the morning light.
And the tuis and bellbirds have started their late winter song contests.

I love living here...
and raindrops.
Impulse Buying.
The big Lions' garage sale was on recently, and my hubby and I scored some really good stuff! A near new steam-iron (his idea), another alarm clock (mine's broken), a much newer dishwasher ($10), some vintage fabrics for me and a radio tuner for him.
Then the auction started for the nice big things, so we went over to have a look: always entertaining if there is a good auctioneer full of quick jokes.
 We wanted to bid on a t.v.cabinet with storage, well no problem: ours for $45.
Up came the 2 black leather recliner chairs with footstool. We had already sat in them, but hadn't discussed them. We looked at each other; ok we'll go up to $100...
People stopped bidding at $70. Fantastic!
We already had a brown one similar, but these black chairs matched with the black leather couches. And one of our good friends is smitten with the brown chair, (he runs in and hogs it!), so he took that of our hands quite happily.
What a spiffy living-room!
We love to re-use, and all the money goes to local charities. Everyone happy!

Matching furniture.

Dana, my fire-cat.
She just sits there staring at the fire at night.
She gets really close, her whiskers just about frizzle up!
I usually look after the fire, and I always feel she is checking up on my job.

Happy-cat Fox
This is Fox, her brother, they are 15 years old. He is still very playful, but only for about half an hour a day. Then it's time to sleep.
He is the boss-cat, and always manages to keep De-ja-vu just under control.
He's a good boy!
De-ja-vu, are you sure you're comfortable?
This fat boy snores something awful. We try to control his food intake, but he steals from the others, and from dogs in the neighbourhood as well. But he is such a docile, gentle and affectionate fellow, he just has a little eating disorder...
He came as a stray and is about 13 years old.


softearthart said...

Lovely bargains and Winter is a joy, cheers Marie

Elmtree said...

Winter is a joy, if you have a warm house of course. It makes you appreciate warm weather so much more, too. :)