Jul 22, 2012

Enter! into Bali

A hotel side entrance.
 My first series of Bali photos, of front doors.
I wish we had a garden gate like these, the one above shows a tantalizing glimpse of a lush water garden. A bit like in Alice in Wonderland, where she can only look through the tiny door at a sumptious garden far away, but has just grown too big to fit through.
Front door to a family compound.

 Doors can shut out that which you don't want to enter.
 Or they can protect that which lies within.

Unassuming front door with offerings for the bad spirits.

Doors can shut something within, which you don't want to get out.
It lies locked and enclosed.
Sanur front door with walls made of corals.

 Permission might be needed, special codes and entrusted keys, in order to pass through.

Carved posts in Sanur.

A door is the portal of change, you go from one place into another.
The point of transformation.
From one situation into another, and sometimes the door might announce what kind of place this may be.

Sanur beach front door with guardians, salt sprayed.
 I love this one, all weather beaten and overgrown.

Ubud hotel room door.
As if it wasn't decorated enough, every morning this door had fresh flowers placed into the carved posts. And on our bed. And by the washstand. And inserted into the lamp.

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