May 22, 2011

One-day road trip to Wellington.

Dawn while driving after 1 hour.
The windmills past Woodville on the Ruahines. 2 hours.

Yesterday my man and I went on a bit of a road trip to Wellington. He had sold his small ute to a bloke from the south island, and since he was glad to sell it so quickly, we offered to drive it to the ferry as part of the deal. I decided to come with him, so we would have a few hours sightseeing there together.
On the motorway into Wellington city, 4 hours later.

Crossing my favourite street; Cuba street with all it's quirky little shops. No we won't be visiting it today: we are going to find the Newtown area. I found out last night that there is an event, which I would like to check out. Such coincidence!
A lovely building in Newtown with cabbage trees in front.

Are they gossiping about the crowd in front of the button stall?
Only last night I found out that there is a Fabricabrac sale on in a hall in Newtown. People sell their surplus fabrics for small prices, with some of the proceeds going to charity. I wanted to check it out, in case it would be suitable for having my own table at 1 of these events. I have way too much fabric.
I arrived about 11 in the morning, it was still pretty busy, how odd to be in a room with so many hoarders and fabric-a-holics. It was lovely!! I got tempted a lot, but only bought 2 pieces. I will show you tomorrow what they look like and 1 of them is a super find!

My favourite stall from Unearthed of Tinakori rd. 
Sweet baskets with vintage tablecloths, aprons and curtains, and is that..? Yes, yes it is! Always hoped I would find a length of this, and there it is peeping out from amongst the upholstery fabrics...
 How many kids' clothes can I make with it?  (more later)
Little kiwiana shops; the power lines, the verandahs, the colours and the 4 square.

It's nearly time to catch the bus home again. The ute has been dropped off at the ferry terminal, where it will continue it's journey south to it's new owner. We walked to the train station, from where you can see our Parliament building 'the Beehive'. Hope they're busy in there with the new budget.
Is that hot air rising ?

The railway station is from the Victorian era.

The old parliament buildings looks like it's made from stone, but it's all wood.
The beehive is built on rubber piles so it moves along with an earthquake.
Tugboats in the harbour.

The quaintest looking houses across the harbour, very W'ton.
Inside the railway station.

Only 2  more hours to drive from here, and the sun is setting. We had a lovely little trip together, an estimated 680 km round trip . With sunrise, sunset, seaviews and a sprinkling of snow on the mountains, filled sandwiches for lunch and a pizza for dinner. We climbed back up to our hill house to be greeted by our daughter and friends. How lucky we are !

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