May 6, 2011

Leaks, Lichens and a Lazy stroll.

Our magnificent oak in last weeks' storm, it's bark all wet and black. Making the thick cover of lichens and mosses really stand out.

I can see him from the kitchen window. (I find oak trees quite masculine).

When I really zoom in with my camera, you can distinguish all the different lichens which grow on its' southern flanks. The side that doesn't get the sun, here in the southern hemisphere.

For you to really see this, do click on the pictures for an enlargement.
Just gorgeous.

We had a leak during the storm. Drip, drip in the livingroom.
So the Man of the house went into the rafters with a trusty torch and figured out where it came from. And planned a solution.
First some containers in strategic places.

Then when the sun came out again, he climbed on to the roof and (after counting the roof tiles to see which ones were the bad ones) he replaced them with new tiles.
All fixed! What a handy guy!
Last Saturday morning we did what we would like to make a pleasant habit; to stroll into town from our house, see what's new at the farmers' market, and have a morning coffee at our favourite cafe. A great way to start the weekend.

Pretty little Napier! Looking all exotic and Mediterranean with its' palm trees in the main street. Still can't quite believe we are living here now.

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