Oct 29, 2010

Bright and Colourful.

I asked a friend what things she would like to read about in my blog. She thought for a minute, then she knew: she'd like to see the things I've bought. Thrifted in op-shops that is. And she is not a frequenter of such establishments.
This intrigues me.
Why would a person with no desire to browse through other people's discarded junk, be interested in what I found, while fossicking through dusty boxes and stained linen?
Is it perhaps a shared excitement of a lucky pretty find, but at the same time being distanced from having to have ownership of the thing?
It is true; reading about other people's purchases can be nice and it doesn't clutter up your home......

So de-clutter with these little finds of mine:
Marigolds and geraniums, bright and beautiful, yet very modest little flowers from my garden.
I bought the blue patterned drinking glass for my eldest (you'll get it when you come home, babe). I just love the colour combination. It reminds me of a group of Indian women in their silk saris walking along.
A little bowl of old buttons and a sparkly glass paperweight finish the little arrangement.
Yes everything thrifted!
And some up-cycled fabrics in the same colour scheme!
I spend a whole day making this little dress. It is made in size 3 ( 98cm for you Europeans) , it is hopefully the first of many. I took an existing pattern and (oh boy..) changed it. That's why it took me all day. The lining (a soft sheet from a bygone era) is completely sewn in. The main problem I had, having made that part up without instructions, was how to turn it inside out with all the seams, except the bottom one, already sewn up. I had to unpick the shoulders again and re-sew them shut, by hand. It seemed the easiest option in the end .
But I am sure their must be another way! Luckily the afore mentioned friend told me to give her a ring next time and she'll give me a lesson. Thank you, thank you...!

Here I used some of the 70's embroidered ribbon I scored ages ago at an auction. It matches perfectly.
And a teeny button detail. The back of the dress is a turquoise fabric with a patterned weave.
I like being able to use several fabrics in the one dress, which is one of the reasons why I changed the pattern.
The other reason is, that it is now my pattern.
If only I can sew it up quicker.....

And look what is growing in our veggie patch!! Some lovely broccolis . We had some of this and a cauliflower that Miss 16 grew, and sliced carrots, all raw with a lovely savoury cream cheese and yoghurt dip for dinner. Scrumptious!

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Mirr said...

Thanks mum! that glass will go great in my collection :)