Jan 23, 2009

Past Creations.

Just to show you that so now and then I actually do go into my lovely studio and make stuff! These I made end last year , I love the idea of bunting , it is great for parties ; kids or grown-ups. Or to just decorate your porch or rooms. I've seen some very simple examples where only one piece of fabric is used , and no seams. I'm not sure how long those would last flapping in the wind. So mine have 2 sides , sometimes the same , sometimes not ; depending how my Muse whispers to me . ( She floats above me in the studio , I'll show her one day )
The little flags above are made with what I call Green Garden fabrics from my stash. All recycled ofcourse , including the ribbon.
 And these are made from checks and stripes and bright colours. No pink so that it can work for any child.  I personally hate it that some colours have become gender loaded. Retail clothing  stores sometimes seem to push that whole issue , in which one section is pink overload and the other side is navy, green and brownish. We used to find it difficult to find girl's clothes that didn't have pink and hearts or otherwise a glittery princessy slogan on it. My girls hated it and still do. Often we got shorts and shirts from the boy's department. They have never liked being pushed into an assigned role. It makes me feel very proud of their attitude!
That's not to say I don't like pink. I do. It just isn't my uniform. Here is a super feminine shabby chique bunting , using 70's sheets , 60's and 50's tablecloths , and gorgeous hand embroidered doilies . It sold within a week! I like putting all the colours together , but it takes ages on deciding which fabrics to use.  I like  to make them between 3 and 4 metres long , that gives more scope for decorating.
This was made on seeing a tiny picture in junkmail. So I grabbed my hook and rescued yarn and away I went. I felted it afterwards in the washing machine to make it stiffer and sturdier. I keep thinking of Little Red Ridinghood when I was working on it. It is just a small handbag size, but a pleasing shape.
Another pleasing shape is this bucket bag. This time I did use a pattern and rescued acrylic yarn for strength. It has a round bottom. I loved making the flowers. Plenty of space in this one.
Crochet is a lovely thing to do while watching something on tv or waiting for an appointment. It is very portable as well. There is something soothing in the repetition of the stitches and the feeling of the fibre in your hands. And although you are working away , you actually get more and more  relaxed . 
I wish you happy Summer's days ahead! 

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