Jan 10, 2009

Lush Summer Garden.

Some gardening news now. This is our front vegie patch .When my love and I look at this we both feel very satisfied with how this is going. Those worms sure are little miracle critters ; they just made the best compost. Every spade full was positively crawling with them. Those potatoes on the left; they came up by themselves , from the eyes in the peelings I threw out . So we left them ; to see how they go. I understand that we shouldn't use the eyes from the new potatoes again , since you lose some of the disease resistance in the next generation. The other potatoes we are growing are from seed potatoes, and they are growing in a stack of old tires down the back. Just look how everything has just shot up compared to the beginning of the garden in the picture below!
The one thing we are not growing is cauliflower , they are actually quite tricky without spraying poison , and have turned full of beasties and rot in the past. And the soil is actually to rich for growing carrots in , we found last year. They stayed very short  , the roots didn't need to go down far to find nutrients.
These  are our climbing beans. We got the original handful of beans off a friend about 5 years ago , we have no idea what they are , but each year we keep a few seeds and plant them again . They are very tasty , prolific ,and no strings ,no matter how long we left them on the vine . We also grow yellow butter beans, dwarfbeans and purple beans.
The tomatoes are doing their thing , lots of different varieties. I hope I will have enough to make pasta sauce , which will include courgettes , basil , chives and paprikas or bell peppers.
And the snowpeas I got from my father's partner. I was actually ready to pull them out ,when they just grew and grew without any flowers. I was afraid that she had taken seed off a hybrid plant , which the next time is infertile. She is Thai and her english isn't very good , and explaining about hybrids is kind of complicated.  However after we went on holiday for a week and coming back there were suddenly flowers and peas! Great for in the stirfry or boiled quickly. Yum.

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