Aug 26, 2008

Shake it!

After much thinking I have decided to just start a blog. I often want to share things I have found or made or experienced . When  I read other people's blogs I find it inspiring and perhaps a little comforting to know they go through some of the same things that I do. I have learned there is a whole lot of people out there in our wide world that are inspired by the "small stuff".
Maybe I can inspire someone else  , or at least make them smile for a minute.

So I'll start off with a bang , just like the earth did for us here locally. At 11:30 last night , just when I was getting ready for bed , we had a little earthquake . Well it didn't feel very little actually.  It was a 5.9-er only 10 km away, 30 km deep.  Our wooden house from the 1930's gave that particular familiar little creak , which makes me hold my breath. Rattle and roll , here we go!  I headed for the doorway of the bedroom , it felt a bit unsteady to get there. Whoa , big one..!
My love yelled something from the livingroom , and I bellowed; everyone out of bed under the doorway! Our 2 teenage daughters arrived in their doorways nearly immediately.  We all put our backs against the posts to feel the quake ebbing away. Not long , but things did fall over and made clinking noises , raising our anxiety levels.  We waited for a bit , in case there was another one , just like at a  railway crossing. Then eldest daughter ,and hubby went back to bed , but I made some hot milks for the youngest and myself , to quieten our heart rates to sleep mode.
We checked the news , nothing yet , and listened outside. A few shop alarms in town had gone off , some scared dogs barking , and weirdly : a chorus of blackbirds and thrushes were singing their little hearts out in the middle of the still night.
Nothing broke at our house , just a little mess of buttons and portraits in the hallway.

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