Aug 27, 2008

Not just Browsing.

Last week Friday my love and I went on a little excursion to nearby Napier. He had a day off and when I came home from my part time job we grabbed a few hours together doing a bit of op-shopping. Now I know I am lucky that he likes to find treasures like that as well. Although his idea of a good score is in clothing and shoes. We had a great afternoon ; we hit 4 shops and found something each time. Big buzz!  This doesn't always happen , very often you won't find anything at all. He found a new leather hat for the summer , a pair of expensive Reiker shoes with  the price still on it , some nike shoes for the weekends , and a lovely merino-possum blend jersey. All that and money left over for icecreams.  I came away with 10 vintage tablecloths , all with romantic flowers in shabby chique faded style. Here they are on my washing line , all these colours go well together. 
 I also found some old fabrics , a sturdy cotton with bright florals and a polished cotton with pastel florals.  Also an old  hand embroidered semco cloth on linen. All the flowers are done but the hems were never finished , it probably should have had a crocheted edge , the thread drawn holes are all around . What shall I make with this?
Isn't that blue and red and white 70's fabric with the egyptian theme just hilarious. I can't imagine making anything with it , it is so retro!!

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