Mar 26, 2019

Prompts, Posts and Pumpkins.

 I love doing checklists in my day, when I am feeling organised, or to make me feel organised.
 Beds made, check.
Dishes done, check.
Washing dry from last night, check.
Whoa, check out those accidental pumpkins. They're ready.

Our messy veggie-patch.

Harvest pumpkins, check.

Oh they do look cheery in our entrance porch. Signs of Autumn. 
Although there are some coloured leaves on the oak tree already, and every time the wind gusts through our little gully, the fall of many acorns go plunk plunk plunk. Especially on the opposite neighbours tin roof. Clonk clonk clonk, in the middle of the night... They must dread Autumn.

Dried starfish sanitising in the sun. Check.
"What..?" you say. "That's not a normal chore."
Well, no, but...

Oliva shell species, from different countries.

... I have at last come to a dreaded jobbie, which is going through box #3 of my late mother's huge shell collection. Recently it came back from the National Aquarium of NZ, having languished in their storerooms for nearly 10 years, without being seen by any member of the public. Which hugely disappointed us as a family.
 Now we will try to sell the collection, so someone will get pleasure from it. So I was making photos of the contents, (thanks to my Man for helping to lift out layers which was a 4 hands task) and trying to find her collection of her beloved cowrie shells. There were 15 layers in this box, such as Olivas, mussels and oyster varieties, clams, but also sand dollars, a layer of crab shells, and a layer of dried starfish. Those last ones still stink, which is why I did not repack them, but they are basking in the sun today.
The cowries however were not in box #3. There are 8 other boxes. Sigh...

I liked finding these shells, found many decades ago on a beach on the Isle of Ameland, The Netherlands.
I remember the long stormy, autumn weekend there with my brothers and parents, and going for bracing wet windy walks, and going back to our little batch for hot soup and bread. We could see the lighthouse from our window at night.

Making sure Noodle is ok, check. We'll go for a walk later.
After I finish this post, and having worked out I can't do it easily on my iPad, as I can't scroll down for some reason. So back on  the "big" computer.
I will post again soon, as I feel a tutorial coming on, about a "Repurposed Book".
Post finished. Check!

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Jack said...

I remember making a LEGO replica of the Ameland lighthouse after we got back home... Three flashes followed by a pause.