May 5, 2014

Zombie Party to let your Hair Down, or Up...

Realistic felted dreadlocks by hubbie!
 So now and then my brother and sis-in-law throw a party. These are always very popular and creative events;  always dress-up parties with a particular theme. They hadn't had one for a number of years, so for no particular occasion, they announced a new party!
"Channel Your Inner Zombie..."
Yeah!! time to let your hair down : drink, eat, talk, laugh, and dance till the wee hours with lots of wonderful people!
My own accessories...
It was super-fun getting our costumes together, op-shop finds mostly, with some special paint jobs.

My man Baron Samdi.

 I decided I didn't want to have blood and guts everywhere, I actually wanted to wear a nice dress. So I chose to become a Voodoo Priestess, who according to legend, started the whole zombie thing in the first place. There is another character in this culture, and that's Baron Samdi, a kind of demi-god who stands guard between the dead and the living world.
Perfect, my man got to wear a suit!
Voodoo Priestess, with awesome dreadlocks!

Zombie Housewife (sis.i.l.) checking on her ribs.

Brother Zombie with amazing latex make-up job, all his own work.
 ALL the guests, and that was quite a number, had gone all out with their costumes. Zombie-brides, -clowns,-toothfairy,-cyclists,-computernerds,-lawnmower guy,-hunter,-medical staff and others.
There were even barricades to get through to get to the house with creepy zombie noises, and several wood braziers were burning for those having a breather outside. Inside there were zombie movies-best-bits playing, a laser light dance floor with smoke machine, and a lot of "blood" splattered sheets and other props.
Dance I did!!
It was a great night ( and early morning...)
Eyeball snacks and brain schnapps.


12Create said...

You all look fabulous in your costumes.

Elmtree said...

Thanks, although I'm not sure "fabulous" is the right word here... hahaha!

FeltersJourney said...

That looks and sounds like one awesome party!
D x