Jan 20, 2014

Ready, Set...Crochet!

Ready, Set...Crochet!
It's very summery here indeed. Yesterday it was 33'C. (91.4 F for you Americans)
With a warm sea-breeze. 
In the morning I often sit out on our deck at canopy level with the old Oak and Pohutakawa tree.

I enjoy the birds all around; sparrows fighting, 3 tuis competing with each other as who will get to the nectar-feeder first, bellbirds sneaking in, and waxeyes argueing in bunches. High up in the air are the swallows, and so now and then a seagull reminds me the sea is near.
 It is a bit like sitting in a huge bird park, except they are all free to come and go as they please.
My old cats don't bat an eyelid...

A cup of cinnamonny coffee, and a basket of colourful promise.

Thrifted bright yarns.
A-crocheting I will go.
All these yarns had just come in to an opshop the other day, and I immediately wanted them for some cheerful crochet bunting. After a bit of googling I found the right pattern for triangles, a granny-patch look it was going to be. These were very clear visual instructions, plus the whole free pattern again underneath all the photos. Thank you attic24 !

A coffee on a Summer morning. 
So I 've been making triangles, just for fun, with my coffee, or while watching some telly at night.

Cheerful Granny Triangles.
I've already made lots! How can you not smile when you see these in their happy colours.

Sorting wool .
In the meantime I've also sorted out bags of wool, all packed away since we moved here. I knew there was still a tea-chest full upstairs in the garage. 
Wrong, as it turned out: there were 2 tea-chests!

So I opened all the bags, examined the wool to see if no bugs had got to it, weighed everything, wrote the details of weight and sort of fibre onto the bags, and also wrote everything in a notebook.
 Then packed everything into large see-through plastic bins with lids for my storage room.
 I was pleasantly surprised, everything in good condition.
 And of course lots more ideas for both felting and spinning.
There was carded wool in sliver, mohair, alpacca. Raw wool in long staples, and some rare breed quantities as well. Quite a few kilograms of fibre.
Delicious! I can't wait to card some bats at my creative fibre club-rooms soon.

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