Oct 25, 2013

Masks and Mess.

Wolf fingerpuppet.
Remember I told you I had performed the story of the Wolf and the three pigs with finger-puppets for the class a while ago? Well this was the wolf finger-puppet I needle-felted. He looks nicely wild with shaggy bits of gottland wool curls as his coat.
 Hungry eyes and a teeth-filled open snout. 
He'll huff and he'll puff!

My paintings for the school production masks.
Speaking of puppets, year 3 and 4 had to produce a variety show, and a Pinocchio readers theatre was chosen by our teacher for her group. That means that a bunch of kids are Pinocchio, and a bunch are Gepetto , with one of the bunch being the actor, while they all speak in unison.
The teacher was able to find some character faces for masks on the web, which needed modification, but I painted  6 of the characters masks ( incl. Jimeny Cricket, not shown). We copied them and glued them on to cardboard, they sat above the childrens' mouths, so that we could hear their voices. 
It went very well, they lasted 4 performances, produced very cheaply!
I am an awesome teacher aide!

All the magazines and books for ripping up.
You know how you see photos of these beautifully designed and decorated studios of multi talented artists? You even have whole magazines devoted to "studios" and "where women create".
It's very inspiring, and makes you drool at the mouth of course.
Then reality hits.
Do they actually get used?
Where are their piled up books, spare bits of paper, the dried up paint spills?
The coffee cup with half the contents, from last week?

My cutting and laying out table is somewhere under this.
The sewing project that utterly, I mean Utterly Flopped.
Left in a corner. Together with that basket of threads that just can't be classified and therefore has no real place.
Do they have a cat that might have pooped under the table?

My felting table...yeah,right!
And all those things that these artists had taken somewhere, perhaps to work on at Club, and coming home they "just for now" popped on to the table.
Did they find that the tube of glue had leaked and left a rock hard puddle on the cutting sheet?

And my painting station: un-usable.
Cause I have all that. 
It just happens.
By itself, honest.

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