Aug 12, 2013

Laundry, Linens and Lengths of thread.

A small skein of my yarn in purples and glimmery gold.
My love of making yarns is continuing un-abated. The little hank above was for my daughter, who needed a present for someone.
Completely unique, un-repeatable yarn in different shades of purples and hot pink, with shiny metallic gold threads thrown in for a bit of sparkle.

Delicious bumps and wrappings.
Plenty of coils and bumpy wrappings in the plying process, for texture. All in all about 100 grams worth.
From small shower to new laundry.
The Man of the House is steadily carrying on with home improvements. This was the shower next to our bedroom. A tight squeeze to shower in, cold and cramped, with only the open window for damp extraction. Not so pleasant on winter mornings. We used it for a good long while.
 And who thought carpet on the floor was a good idea... never, never!
We now have, of course, a luxurious bathroom, made by the afore mentioned Man, and this cupboard-like space has been earmarked for a new laundry. 
It will be compact and hidden behind louvre doors, but handy to the Washer Woman. She will come by frequently and check upon the state of the washing-cycle, and stir the soaking bucket containing vintage linens. 
She will not be able to forget that a load is in the machine and surprise herself 2 days later after looking for a "lost" garment. 
Nor will she have to troops down two stories in the rain with an umbrella, to unload her dryer, and wonder how she will get her warm fluffies back up to the house without them being rained on. 
And venturing at night, into the always damp, cellar-like space below the house, turning on-on-oonnn---on the fluorescent tubes, and seeing yet another monstrous spider scuttle away, it will indeed be a thing of the past for the Washer Woman.
Never again will she have to worry about the run-off rainwater from the hill side, gently meandering underneath her lovely, and expensive, German precision machine. Should she click the on-button, while her feet are standing in the puddle also...? Hmmm, how thick are her rubber soles...
Soon there will be easy-to-clean tiles on floor and walls, and sun in the afternoon!
Oh to look forward to such simple joys!
gipboard, plumbery, paint & power.

Another two things have been fixed also in our house; new electric switch boards have been installed, since the old ones were so old we were unable to find new fuses for them that would fit. That was expensive, but we knew it had to be done when we moved into this house.
The other thing was getting rid of the Humongous hot water cylinder (280 liters that needed to be kept to temperature every day!) and having an instant hot water gas unit installed.
It works wonderfully, and we are now on mains pressure too, which makes each shower utter Bliss! The first power and gas bill showed we had already saved $50 the first month! So this energy change will pay for itself before long.
A bonus for the Woman of the House was a big empty cupboard, where the big cylinder had been, and is now perfect for storing spare pillows, blankets and duvets, and the vacuum cleaner too, especially since the Man of the House installed extra shelves and a clean lick of paint.
This house is slowly starting to come together and work smoothly.

Fabricabrac market in Wellington, april 2013.
Having had another Fabricabrac sale in Wellington in April this year, I managed to make some more pocketmoney and get rid of another fat basket of vintage fabrics and tablecloths.
These photos were taken at the end of the morning when it went quieter.

The vintage button ladies' stall.
 Although I drooled over the buttonladies' treasures, I managed to resist, and only bought $2 worth of silk organza scraps, intended for a small nuno-felting project.

Treasure Hunt Showcase ;

Buckles, ric-rac, bias binding, earrings and a sweet birdie.
 Another pleasant morning of my last school holidays was spent finding little bits and pieces. I loved the scrap of upholstery linen with the very "Kath Kidston" -like flowers print.
Perhaps I shall make myself a new handbag in the near future.

$1 worth of vintage fabric pieces, cotton reels and pincushion.
A plastic baggie full of scraps, I could not resist... And I already have 5 of those chinese pincushions in the brightest coloured satins, such a cheerful collection. And if you try to sew with recycled fabrics, you should also use re-cycled thread, I feel.
Green glass necklace and flower-ring.
The felted hairclip I made many years ago, and I wear it often, but I found a glass necklace in the same green, and a cute flower ring as well.
Accessories well matched.
Oh I do like to fossick for treasures!

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