Feb 10, 2013

Proper Summer Days.

Every morning these last 2 months I opened my bedroom window to this exuberant bougainvillea. It has been an excellently hot summer holiday, full of days on the deck, reading books, late afternoons going for a dip in the sea, cold drinks, shorts and skirts, and sleeping under linen sheets.
Like an old-fashioned Hawke's Bay summer.
 Although we didn't go anywhere these holidays, except a couple of days in Wellington to see our daughter, our house still feels like a holiday home, even after 20 months. 
We think that has something to do with eating breakfast at a sunny table, and the deck outside at tree canopy-level, an easy walk into town and cafes, and especially; nice neighbours!

"Virgil" at the movies.
 We stayed in our eldest daughters' flat, and enjoyed having both our daughters together. While there, we took the opportunity (at last) to watch "The Hobbit" at the movies. We saw it at the Embassy Theatre, where the big premiere was held. They have the best screen and sound facilities, and we got superseats. Here my man is showing off how good he looks in the 3-D glasses. Ahem...!
We loved it, and yes, I rather liked the character of Radagast the Brown.
My creative mind loved his hat, and definitely his rabbit-drawn sleigh.

Wellington vintage architecture.
Our daughter loves showing us her favourite things in her city. This building is one of her favourite architecture. I quite agree.
 But I am not sure it would stay standing in an earthquake, all those bricks...
 A lot of buildings all over the country are getting big and expensive overhauls, since the Christchurch earthquakes have pointed out how quick it can all come down. Especially the older brick buildings.
We know all about it here in Napier too.

Window shopping.
I spotted these delightful porcelain lamps in a little gift boutique. At a price I can ill-afford of course, I think they came from France. They look like Fairy-God-Mothers to me. I imagine when they're on, they'd glow with twinkling stars and moons in their skirts. 
 These are really inspiring me to make felt lamps and use the materials' ability to filter light through. Wool is also flame-retardant and could handle the heat of a lightbulb easily.

Tapestry-canvas challenge.
Now that I am back in a fibre-craft club, I have been given a challenge with a square of tapestry canvas. I guess they are for cushions for the chairs at the clubhouse.
 So I tried my hand at locker-hooking.
This is done with a crochet-hook, which has a large eye on the end of it, like a fat needle.
You thread the eye with a thick yarn, and with the hook you hook up either wool-sliver or strips of fabric trough the holes in the canvas. After you have hooked up a number of loops on your hook, you then pull the hook right through with the thick yarn then anchoring the loops of fabric. And providing more bulk as an end result.
 It was super easy and fast, I finished this canvas in 1 weekend, while watching telly.
 It was a very relaxing activity and fun to make my own design.

Locker-hooked cushion cover.
I hope they like it!

New signs on the Man's Truck.
My mans' own gardening business is starting to take shape. He is pretty busy most days, and already has some steady addresses, and has already drawn plans and done consultations.  
In the next few weeks he is having lots of work from an advertising campaign he organized, and hopefully that will lead to more work and more word of mouth. He (and I ) are in good spirits and excited about the whole thing. Although often quite tired from the physical work, he wasn't used to it anymore.

New entrance walkway garden.
Last week he took the opportunity to redo the little garden by our entrance path, using mondo-grass and 2 spiky plants. 3 terra-cotta pots with succulents created a pleasing contrast. They'll do well in this dry area. 

O.K. if you are sqeamish in the 8-legged variety, don't read the next bit!!

Breakfast companion...

Last Wednesday was Waitangi Day, a national day off work for all NZ-ers. I started the day slowly with putting the washing in the laundry down below the house, then breakfast at the sunny table. I put my dishes away and then thought I had dropped some toast-crumbs down my pyjama top and looked down to brush the tickly crumbs away. Instead of crumbs I saw this spider slowly clambering out of my t-shirt.
 Big spider...
 Long creepy legs spider...
A scream started burbling out of my mouth, but I kept it closed ( spider was way too near...) while pulling my t-shirt far away from my face. Then I screamed for my Hero while kind of dancing with my shirt around in the kitchen.
He just gently grabbed the creature.
 My poor heart was pounding wildly and I got the shakes. 

How long had we been having breakfast together already, spider and I?
All cosy and warm on my chest...

I am pleased we didn't hurt it though, it really is a beautiful creature with its velvety body, and completely harmless.  Just don't get so close to me...!


FeltersJourney said...

OMG I would of had a fit if that big spidy came creeping out of my T-shirt (or just fainted on the spot!) I don't mind our English spiders but they are all babies compared to yours :S

Your home looks and sounds wonderful!

Elmtree said...

I did feel a little light headed afterwards, but we all had a good laugh!
They live here and so do we, therefore we all have to get along.....

WoolWench said...

If that giant beast had been in my tshirt I would still be freaking about it now :) But it was amazing thats for sure. Hey and maybe you could email me - I am planning a trip to Napier this year! I'd love to meet you and I could also use your input regarding spingroups and the possibility of offering a workshop while I am there. I would like to do that without spiders if possible. Haha, spinnen in dutch eh :P If you have a moment maybe you can get in touch: suzy at woolwench.com :)

Elmtree said...

I suppose a "spin" (spider in dutch) spins a thread as well.
Sounds neat, I'd love to be part of a spinning workshop with you! I'll be in touch!