Dec 9, 2012

And speaking of Hobbits...

My Halfling Home all finished.

At last I finished something I started quite a while ago, my hobbit hole had been languishing in a corner for ages. 
Much sculpting was done on the corners to look like a tree-root system. I think it worked very well. The difficult part was the front panel, it had to be fitted onto the front of the Home, yet needed to look like it had grown there. Then a hole needed to be cut behind it, big enough for a child to be able to put their hands inside the play-house.
And that was the point where I got stuck for a while. I couldn't vision it, and I was afraid I would ruin it. Since the whole thing was just an idea in my head, I did not of course have any instructions or a pattern.
Coming in for a cup of tea?
 I rang the bell, and look who opened the door!
Of course designing the wee Halflings was the best fun ever, and I had actually already cut out all their little clothes before I saw the Movie Hobbits last week.
A view from the back of the halfling home.
This is the back of the Halfling Home, it has 4 windows in all. 
That's the boy and girl of the family, they're very friendly!
Unlike my "Bush Babies" their hair was done with a variegated boucle yarn, instead of Mohair curls.
Meet the whole family.
 And meet Mum and Baby Halfling too. Lots of greens and yellows, cause hobbits like those colours.

The Halfling family off on a Tookish adventure.
Here they all are, probably going to see the wood-elves. They are wearing their warm travel cloaks, which close with a little hook and eye.

Opening the round front door with its' brass knob.
The size of this Play-house is a bit deceptive in this picture, I actually need 2 hands to hold it up, although it is very light-weight.
Halfling Home with the front panel opened.
The front panel closes with small strips of velcro fastener. Light comes in through the windows, which i love.
Dana the cat frightening the hobbit children!
 She just had to be nosey and she would have gone right inside to curl up; nice and warm in cosy woolen felt! But luckily the little girl hobbit shooed her away...
And yes, this glorious Halfling home, with the dolls will be for sale very soon! I will notify you when I will list it.
Please leave me a comment to tell me what you think of this, I shall try and respond to all comments!


softearthart said...

I think it is really really cool, and just love your little people, cheers Marie

Elmtree said...

Thanks Marie,
I am starting to want to play "dollshouse" with them, as if I were a little girl...

sarah in the woods said...

This is wonderful! I love it!

Elmtree said...

I am just leaving it till after Christmas to put it up for sale, as there is no way it can be delivered in time to other parts of the world.

FeltersJourney said...

Absolutely lovely! Perfect for little Hobbit fans (and big ones too :)

Elmtree said...

Thanks! I will be taking it to a felters' retreat for show-and-tell soon.