Aug 6, 2012

Exotic Balinese Critters.

Pollinating the hibiscus flowers.
There were many little delights in Bali, here a series of insects we chanced upon . And my camera does up close quite well. Don't forget to click on a picture to see it bigger.
Unfortunately I do not know any of the beautiful creatures' names.
It was very difficult to get a picture of the black butterfly with the swallowtail shaped wings. It was bigger than a monarch butterfly and it had a flash of deep blue on its wings, the yellow was pollen. It flapped its wings rapidly even when sitting down.
Looking ancient.
 This huge bug was making its way up a rusty gate. It moved woodenly and slowly. It looked very robust and would have filled the palm of my hand.
Didn't like my hand.

Electric blue dragonfly.
This is the colour-way you  would expect of a dragonfly. Although beautifully offset by its black wings. Shimmering against the green foliage.

Golden dragonfly.
This dragonfly was a glowing golden colour. Just right against that dark water background.

Velvet red dragonfly.
 And this one amazed me! A velvety dark red, but with see-through wing tips.
This is one of my favourite photos.

Super size snail.
 Near the rice fields a whopping big snail was slipping up the wall.
 Didn't like my hand either.
Big beetle.
At night on the porch this bumbling big beetle came crashing into the lamp. We helped it back up and on its way.
I would have loved to film the fireflies, but the camera couldn't handle the focus in the dark, what with those little beetles blinking on and off all the time.
 Shame , because they are just magic!

Emerging gold dragonfly.
This was a brand-new golden dragonfly, just emerging from its pupae stage. Its wings haven't quite un-crumpled yet, and are still drying out.
It will fly off soon, for the first time in its short life, and it will know exactly what to do.
I just love the little things in this world, don't you?

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