Apr 16, 2012

Changes and new beginnings.

Going opshopping with a friend or one of my daughters is very enjoyable. Ooh-ing over treasures and laughing over silly clothes, and afterwards comparing what we'd bought.
 Cheap thrills!!

My Mums' favourite opshop has a retro section.

And my favourite section is the linens and sewing section.

And sometimes opshops have sales too! Crazy...

Summery felt appliqued citrus from the fifties.

2nd-hand bookshop, where they've ran out of space.

Amongst the books a basket full of embroidered linens; yummy!
 Well, I'll show-and-tell my purchases another time, because at the moment I am very excited to tell you I have had a new idea, luckily just in time for the Easter school holidays. So I have been playing and working hard at the same time (ouch my arms and back) on my new felting project. Here is my sketch in my visual diary, in which most of my doodles and inspiration gets documented.
Often I have an idea, and if I don't write it down or draw it, a week later it will have fled my mind.

My sketchbook.
It's a Hobbit Hole, for kids to play with, like a dolls house.
It is not completely finished, but I am super happy with it. It is starting to look very organic, as if I had grown it in my garden!
Just a glimpse....
  Obviously you will see more later, haha!...

"She's leaving home, bye-bye...."
In the meantime both my daughters have now moved out !
First the eldest, she was home for the summer, working hard in her supermarket job to earn extra for university life. She moved out in late February, and was home last week for 6 days to stock up on red meat, peace and quiet.
The Youngest moved out on the day the Eldest came home for a holiday, easing the transition for me by coincidence. Our Youngest is nearly 18, is in full-time employment, although not permanent, and she wanted to try it out. Some of her friends needed another flatmate, so there she goes!
Probably in the future when she goes back to study at college, she'll come back home.
That's fine, our door is always open!
Although we have always said that when you are over 23 and you have no where else to go, you'll have to pay proper commercial rent etc.
But how nice that our girls are flying out without having to have fights!!

Ns' lovely owls!
And to close this entry, I have a lovely picture of my friend N.s' owls.
 It's great to have arty and crafty friends, because you can inspire each other and bounce ideas of each other at the same time. Woohoo to you!

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