Jul 26, 2011

Presents and Visits.

Lately I have been given several little presents from people.
 Some vintage fabrics from my lovely friend N. and some small presents came to me via my Dad who returned from a holiday in Thailand and The Netherlands.
 He thought they were a little sily, but I don't. As a matter of fact they are exactly the kind of things that I like: little vintage pictures and 3-d paper flowers, wooden ladybugs and a red bead necklace that used to be my Oma's. Thank you Tante Alie.  I will use the pictures in my collages. And have already worn the beads.
But I don't know from whom the gorgeous little diary came. Tante Joukje, Adrie?
 It is published by Pipstudio.com ,and is full of delicious collages of ribbons, old photographs, birds, threads and teacups. Their homepage is gorgeous and interactive, and I want the blue teacup with the bird on it... And their wallpaper is most unusual! The diary has some postcards included, and those are going on the wall of my workroom.
Thank you!

In the first week of my holiday I picked up N. and we drove to our friend J.'s place. She lives way in the "wopwops" : a good 40 minute drive from Hastings. This is the sight that greeted us on the outskirts of town, fresh snow on the Ruahines.

BBrrrrr...!! And that's why the wind is so chilly!
Pretty though.
J. and her husband built this house and another for her parents on a large property which has native bush and some grazing land for their horses and donkey. They even have a small spring down in the bush. And it's so quiet there...
One of the horses  looking relaxed.

Daughter E. and her friendly bunny.
Fresh eggs from 4 hens, and a good vege garden as well.
Faithful dogs by the porch, where we sat in the winter-sun and ate home made pizza for lunch, and talked and talked.  It was a lovely day with good friends and it gave me a real lift.
On the way home we came by a field full of new lambs. I just had to stop and take a wee picture.
So cute all prancing about and pestering their mothers for more milk. I hope they don't get too cold at night! It isn't spring yet...


Simone said...

alweer een Pip-fan erbij :)). Heb zelfs leerlingen met Pip-schoolagenda,kaftpapier, schriften enz.enz. Zelfs dekbedden zijn er te krijgen.

Elmtree said...

I had never heard of pip-studio, but I have fallen in love with their style....
Makes me want to make collages with my own "stuff".
But who do you think gave me the diary??

Simone said...

Tante Els or tante Adri. My mother told me it wasn't. her.

Elmtree said...

Thank you, Simone. Yes it is a real tante Els' style as well, actually. Thanks for telling me!