Dec 7, 2010

I Love Colour!

Now here is something purple I made a few weeks ago already. Merino, Polworth and a sprinkling of silk. There were other colours too.
It should be on its way to the other side of the world, to my cousin B.
I wonder what she'll make with it.
Now the lady in the post office said it was the busy time for X-mas packages and I was just in time , but she assured me it'd be there by Christmas even though that's all she could promise.

Summer treats! It's lovely eating a sweet, gorgeous smelling strawberry and you need to take 5 mouthfuls to finish 1 berry...!
There are 3 strawberry farms within 10 minutes drive from our house. When the wind is the right way you can smell them when you drive by.
They also sell seconds, (they don't have the perfect shape) and those are great for making fruit salad or jam. I got 1 1/2 kg for nz$5 (2.8euros)
I will have them with my breakfast, morning coffee, lunch and dinner.
Right now I am enjoying them in a cheesecake , made from Ma-L.'s recipe by Miss 19.

A new clutch of shopping bags ready for sale. These are made from 1970's sheets. All those patterns and colours go together (in my opinion) . I use bags like these myself all the time.
And I'm sure I recognize some of the patterns from childhood.

Orange goes so well with purple. They are on opposite sides of the colour wheel.

Lots of new felt balls for the different size heads that my Bushbabies need. I have been doing so much work in the past months. Lots of sewing and handstitching. The last 3 weekends in a row have been taken up by market stalls : my regular one and one at the local Steiner school and last weekend a 2 day one organized for local artisans. I did very well and met some neat new people and caught up with others I hadn't seen for a while.
And I met Lucy from , whom I had only met in the virtual world, nice to put a face to a very helpful person!

Treasure Hunt Showcase!
*Lovely 70's fabrics in (what else?) classic orange and brown. And neon pink!
*A mid 20th century breakfast tray-cloth. The little tea cup is supposed to have a matching serviette, but that has long been lost. The edges are crocheted.
*And a school-journal from the early 60's. I bought it for the illustration; such classic printing. I wasn't going to leave the little pony boy in the free box.....

*Some cotton with printed cats, would look great as a child's pinafore dress.
* Another school journal from the same era('65), more lovely printing.
*And those little bedtime stories are really dreadful saccharine tripe!
But the pictures are hilarious and I make new notebooks out of them, keeping the pictures in and sewing new sketching paper into the spines.

* 2 Aprons, one in a turquoise kitchenprint, and the other in mauve and yellows. The last apron has the bonneted lady on it by a well, it says "all's well that ends well".
So twee...
*The doggies in the middle fabric are printed onto genuine barkcloth from the 50's /early 60's. It was sold as a dog-blanket for $3! It was padded with a little bit of quilting. I unpicked all the stitches, soaked it in nappisan, washed and ironed it. Just 1 stain remained, yeah!
It is cute and kitsch at the same time.
*A handful of pink and purple thread to really make my sewing "up-cycled".
*And lastly the little doilie at the top, 1 of 3: the style of the little tree on the hill says 1930's/40's to me. It is made with applique and embroidery, with a tatted edge.
Now what will I transform all these into....?


Benice & Borre said...

Love the colours! I also have a nice surprise I think, it's something from your past and it's quite funny... I'll give you a quick peak on my blog...
Love from Holland!

Elmtree said...

Well, I am very curious........