Dec 28, 2010

Christmas Time 2010.

I hope you all had a good Christmas time, with some over-indulgencies and laughter.
We went to Christchurch for our Christmas, to spend it with Pa and brothers and family from both Ashburton and Spain. It was a fun time with loads of laughs and boardgames around the table, but it was also a sad time. We all missed Ma badly.
Standing in her kitchen with her apron on and using her cutting knives, rummaging through the cupboards for pots, pans and ingredients.
Sitting in her seat at the table, or finishing of some sudoku puzzles she had started. I'm afraid the tears were very close to the surface the whole time.
The first year has passed now, and that was full of first times without her.

On Christmas Day we took a walk on the beach. A bit too fresh for a dip, but lovely to sniff the salty air and build an appetite for later. Miss 19 glazed the ham and I made roast veges for our late dinner for 7.
And we are still a family. Middle brother took us all to a restaurant for lunch on Christmas Eve. Just for you a lovely family photo, which you will not find often on this blog!
We all came together again on Boxing Day, for a shared meal at Pa's home. My love helped me cook nasi-goreng extra for 11 people! That got rid of most of the left-over ham, haha!

Earlier in December I attended the end of year get together of my Book-arts club, of which I am a member. Our hostess had put out lovely book projects to admire, and a sumptuously spread table awaited us, of course we had all "brought a plate" in the kiwi manner. But the best plate that was contributed was the one with the cupcakes!
Above I am holding a teeny weeny book. All handsewn and cut and pasted. Very clever and precise.
A table full of book-arts goodness! My books look pretty messy compared to these little beauties. Very nice binding techniques.
A Lady's tea table with embroidered tablecloth, pretty china, silver teapot and delicious titbits.
Super feminine!!
They were just too pretty to eat.
Well nearly....
One evening last week, the light was peachy apricot for a quarter of an hour. Gorgeous!

Weird Impulse Purchase:

This called out to me about a year and a half ago. It's the Christ child on a 1950's bevelled edged mirror.
Yes, what can I say... pretty kitschy. In a sweet vintage way.

But now I have found His Mama! There was a grown-up Jesus as well but He looked way too sad, and I'm afraid I don't believe in the whole original sin thing. So He was left hanging in the opshop. Now I have a duo. Apparently when you have 3 of something it is a collection, so I'll stick with 2.
For now...
Season's greetings all!


Jack said...

That struck a chord - "when you have three of something it's a collection, so I'm sticking with 2"... really like that... :)

Seasons greetings, big sis!

Elmtree said...

For Now...
I can easily change my mind.
Have a good change of the year!

Sybolt said...

Gelukkig Nieuwjaar!
Sybolt,Simone, Thijmen en Pelle