May 20, 2010

Presents and Pearly webs.

I hope you had a nice mother's day, mum's out there? I did; with pancakes and lots of visiting. Although most of the day I felt a sadness inside, because I can't ring or visit my Mums anymore and I really missed them on this day. It felt kind of lonely.
Here is a little forget-me-not mum and baby I made recently. She goes with my feeling.

These bat boys look like they are about to burst into song!
Luckily I did not get music from the 3 tenors or other music mums are supposed to like. No offense to any of you if you do like it, but why should mums be hanging out for a classical music c.d. or the collected works of Celine .
Nope , instead I got 2 new magazines; the last and final issue of World-sweet-world (Sad news that! But they keep on with their blog. ) and the latest Peppermint. I had never seen the last Australian magazine, it is not easily available in little Hastings and I must say I like it. Thanks Wellington daughter!!

What's this : ripe strawberries? In May!... But it is well and true-ly Autumn, we have had a couple of morning frosts. The fire is on at night....

Yup! And more green ones and new flowers even.
My father-in-law was staying with us for a few days after mother's day, to help us celebrate our daughter's 16th birthday. Also to be with us while the birthday of Mum passed by. It was a lovely relaxed stay. One morning it was very misty and the spider webs outside sparkled. So him, husband and I all took our camera's and had a photo shoot. I think this one of mine came out quite well. I love my macro ability on "my" camera.
Strings of pearls, so gorgeous.

Here some more jewellery I have made quite a while ago. Textile bracelets.
I used vintage embroidered doilies and handkerchiefs and damask serviettes. I added glass beads and an old glass button is used as a fastener. All those old embroideries are so pretty and beautifully done, they deserve to be on display; not stuck in a drawer and unused. This way you can wear them and show them off.
They will go up for sale in my little shop soon, but first I will be going away for a week . I am going to be felting at a course near Hamilton. The tutor is Anita Larkin, an artist from Australia, she will be teaching 3-d felt, and that is an opportunity not to be missed for me. 2 Of my felting friends are coming too. I am so looking forward to it!!
My foot is feeling much better and I can walk slowly on it now , without a moonboot. I do a lot of physiotherapy and exercizes. But at night it still swells up and feels sore and stiff. Slowly does it.


Jack said...

Great shot of the cobweb!

- Jack

Elmtree said...

Thanks, I'm glad I don't have shaky hands. It would have been awkward getting a tripod set up.