Nov 10, 2009

Budding Artist in the family.

Last night we went to our eldest's high school to see the exhibition of the senior art students. Their art boards with their year's work had to be handed in , to be sent away for examination marking. And it was a good opportunity to show everyone involved what all the students had produced. Hours and hours of work , stress and doubts would have gone into these lovely boards. I am biased of course and thought my daughter's work to be one of the best!! Naturally....
True to form, she hadn't quite finished when we got there, and she was still fixing it to the board.
Luckily she got it done just before nearly everyone had gone, and with a big feeling of relief she put it up to be admired.
The overall feeling is light and she has a narrative . I believe it is about awakening to oneself.
It has influence from the Wizard of Oz and a Portugese artist called Vieira da Silva.
It has themes of eyes within eyes , and bodies entangled inside trees and cities, like mosaics.
I like this very much, an abstract city.
And I adore this , one of her last paintings. It is actually her sisters' face !
Well done girl, we hope you get a good mark!

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Mod and Mint said...

Nice blog you have here!
Just wanted to stop by and thank you for your words of support on my blog the other day on our issues with the immigration services, much appreciated!
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