Sep 1, 2009

Violets and teacups.

Sometimes I find really pretty , but lonely teacups. Their saucers are not with them anymore. I know that I enter really dangerous ground ,when I buy them for 20 cents each ; because my grandmother was overly fond of collecting flowery porcelain cups and saucers , which never matched up. When she died ,the family had to sort through an immense amount of them spread all over her house. I always felt that she should have learned to do mosaics , so she could have made gorgeous things out of them.
So far I only have about 10 , and I've given one away. I grow new African violets from a leaf in my kitchen windowsill nursery. And then plant them in my pretty cups. It always works. I put a few pebbles in the bottom of the cup for drainage , and potting mix. They make pretty gifts.
Here are some leaves growing roots in a bit of water. I confess I sometimes steal a leaf from a plant in a shop....And from other people's violets.
I am still making Bushbabies , although the going is a bit slow at the moment. Just finished 2 fantail birds. This is my pincushion. A very traditional one. And I am not that happy with it. We have a leather couch , so I can't stick needles into the arm of it. And this pincushion keeps rolling away, and I need both hands to put a pin into it. I really need to make another one , bigger , softer , and with a wide , flat bottom. With vintage fabrics ,because I can .

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