May 25, 2009

Acorn necklaces.

We have had a proper rainy weekend. I mean the soil actually got soaked and there was stormy coldness and fire roaring and everything. 
We all spent much time at home ; watching movies and the girls did assignments and cleaned rooms , and Mr. chopped too much wood and got sore. And I made 4 necklaces out of felted merino wool  and acorn caps. They have some small beads added , for the rest I kept it simple (k.i.s.) . And I am very pleased with the results , so I have decided to keep one for myself , and sell the others. 
Although it was a bit of a tense weekend , with our youngest giving us a few more gray hair , it was also a pleasant ending to the week. With much talking thank goodness. 

I don't think anyone would like to repeat their teenage years , it's not easy for some.
 Hopefully with plenty of love/communication our acorns will grow into firm trees.
I'm quite convinced of that.

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