Nov 29, 2009


The humble daisy ... nothing wrong with daisies in your lawn . I am glad I have a gardener husband who doesn't mind them and leaves them to do their cheerful thing.
This is a lovely colour combination; campion and phlomis . The phlomis gets quite tall and I always feel the yellow flowers look like little bunches of bananas , hahaha.

Another gorgeous colour combination against our butter yellow walls . A Dublin Bay rose and Campanula.
Our carved stone frogs from Bali are getting quite green and furry . A type of moss has taken a real liking to them. I think it looks great , as if they are ancient. Or even a little alive.
Some more campanula , but a much smaller variety. The bees love it.
And I love these. My absolute favourite rose : Sexy Rexy. They have lots of perfect petals , lovely tight buds , and they never go floppy or overblown. And they are just the sweetest pink , not too harsh and not too insipid . They combine beautifully with lime greens and harder pinks, but also with sage or grey greens and purples and lavender. No scent however. For that I have to wait for the Double Delight rose to come out . That one smells of peaches.
And this rose bush always gets so many flowers , sometimes until late into autumn , 3 lots of flowering with pruning in between.
Isn't late spring just gorgeous....!!


Jack said...

Hiya big sis...

Did you know you can eat daisies?

Pick about a dozen, have them on a piece of white bread with a slight sprinkling of sugar... yum!

- Jack, full of trivia today :)

Elmtree said...

well thanks... I can eat them together with my radishes as a summer lunch. I'll bring some over next time we meet.....