Nov 1, 2009

5 days of Fibre and Textile Indulgence.

I have had a crazy busy month. Yes a month!! But I must update about the Felters Convergence. It was fantastic..... so many new ideas , so many new people , so much learning , so much food.... Seriously : I feel like I have had Mother's Day for 5 days!!!
This is a close-up of the banner I donated to raise funds for the start of the next Felter's Convergence in Australia in 2011. I feel the silk on the surface helps to make it look like weather patterns on the earth.
This is the whole banner , I borrowed one of the latest Greenpeace Quotes , and I lined it with a fabric which had green words all over it about recycling and caring for the earth.
These are some of the other felted banners , about a quarter of them. They were all sold for $15, you just had to be in quick to choose the one you liked best. Mine went in the first half an hour , that felt good! I waited till the last day. I figured some wouldn't be liked as much, but I just wanted to donate , and I didn't care which one I ended up with. Well I got the black one with the blue and green butterfly machine embroidered on it. (you can see it in the middle near the top.) It is really pretty and must have taken ages!
A few of us concentrating on the lesson and writing notes , all while wearing our own funky hats. It was hat-day!! We also had a neck and a hip decorating day , not to mention an outrageous attire day. Lots of smiles at breakfast!!!
This was our stall for the bazaar afternoon , I just had my Bushbabies and flower brooches , and sold most of them!! Well that paid for my Masterton opshopping and wool and silk purchases! Members of the public could come to the bazaar and buy from us. In the evening most of us went on to 2 buses to the Wearable Art Awards in Wellington. A 2 hour drive there and back again. The show was magnificent and fantastically imaginative. The Top Twins were comperes , and had the audience in stitches at the same time with some of their comical characters. I managed to get their autographs after the show , which was a big buzz, since I have been a fan for at least 20 years. We didn't get back to Masterton until around midnight , some of us feeling a bit queezy , but excited none the less.
Then there was the fashion show of our own , with more than 60 garments. It was wonderful to see everyone's creations. Many photos were taken of each other , and we all ooh-ed and aah-ed. It was a marvelous way of encouraging and empowering one another.
Here I am in someones fantastically simple , yet flattering coat , reversible and fluid wool and silk. Since I am not shy I wore other peoples' garments and strutted my stuff , several times. This makes you miss out on seeing some of the clothes , but at the same time you get to see things close-up and touch them. Friends have already provided me with a disc of photos of all the garments , so I am happy...!
And yes, I loved this hat. You can wear it with the protrusions backwards too.
A little spider like , just right for Halloween!

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Jack said...

Sounds like you had a great time! I've been waiting for your report for a while actually! :)

Can't believe you met the Topp Twins! Those gals are great!

Excellent read, as always, by the way...

- Jack