Nov 20, 2009

Books , Beads and Babies' Best of all.

As I do every year , I went to the Hastings Lion's second hand Booksale. It was their 22nd sale and probably my 19th time in a row. The most books we have ever bought was 119 one time ; lots of kids' books that time. We used to just give the children a plastic bag and say; when that's full , come back to me. That was when children's books were 20 cents each. Now the kids books are $1. But the girls didn't feel like going this year.
Chris bought a bunch of records . Then went home.
I stayed much longer and bought a few reading books , a lovely home decorating book on shabby chique beach homes , a weaving book for a friend , some science magazines , an old alpine flower guide in old fashioned German writing , some sewing patterns and a dozen old fashioned children's annuals. I bought them for their covers. I have an idea......
Also made some felt beads this week for making bracelets. They will go well with some brightly coloured wooden beads I bought for a dollar a while ago. They feel nice and soft and look like velvet.
And my girlfriend N. and I have been pretty busy when we were able to. These are some of the things I sewed . A sweet baby dress with little pants , all made from 1970's sheets , and it is reversible. Even the pattern is retro ; from 1974.
So it's 2 dresses in one , and 3 pieces of fabric for each side so I could play with combinations of small pieces of fabric . This is one side and ...
...this is the other side. They are meant to fit a 2 year old. I hope they will sell at next weeks' Fair. This one still needs buttons and buttonholes.
This one is in pinks and blues and little rosebuds.
It all unbuttons and you can just flip it around , for when grandma arrives; toddler will be all tidy in a jiffy. I really just want to keep them , they are so cute.

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