Apr 28, 2020

Lock-Down Cravings.

The total Covid-19 Lock-down in NZ, at level 4, was lifted during the night. Now we are at level 3 again, hopefully for just 2 weeks. Hopefully all will go well, as in no spikes of the virus.
Today lots of people around the country had their first taste of take-away food again...
That is not what I crave. 
I would love to go on an op-shop spree... however those will not open for some time to come.
Nor would I feel comfortable in there as yet.
I do hope everyone is having a good clean-out, hahaha!

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Luckily I had kept my last pre-lock-down week of thrifted treasures in paper bags, untouched,
as I had gotten squeamish about touching the second-hand things at the time. While I was alone today, with my man being back at work (in a covid-19 safe way), I unpacked the bags at last, and had the same thrill as when I bought them.
I had found quite a few vintage books, some I bought, some in the free box. Love this red book cover. Vintage keys, carved bone rose earrings, and a gentian flower. I really liked the fabric off-cut, prints of insects, botanicals and natural finds, just enough material for a new art-book cover or for the inside covers.
The plastic little horse is the third one I have found, I wonder if those came with a bottle of liquor or something similar.

I also found books that I will pull apart for their contents, such as this new Victorian style photo album. I could achieve a lovely antique patina with sandpaper, inks and vintage papers. The illustration of the birds' nest is from a Nature Journal book, with gorgeous nature drawings on every page, a great find.
The bottom book has already been dismantled, with many sturdy pages of beautifully shot photos.

Other cheap Book Arts/ Collage Supplies came in the form of bird-of-prey illustrations, an empty garden diary, several empty notebooks, so easy to dismantle for the use of the pages in a handbound book. A stack of brown paper bags, and old library lending cards will add a neat vibe in a hand made book.
I treated myself to a new pack (yes from a retail shop, as serviettes don't come secondhand..)  of gorgeous botanical serviettes, frankly those are ridiculously expensive! But look so good melted into the background of a collage. These had wild flowers and honey bees printed on them.

My eye is always drawn to old embroidered linens, but I get picky about the quality of embroidery. I don't care about holes and rips in the old fabric, but the embroidery must be done nicely and finely.
I like filled satin-stitched flowers in bright colours. First they go in a bucket of fabric sanitiser to soak, then washed gently, and steam-ironed from the back. It is about the only ironing I do.
Pah!, who wants to do housework, when there are all these projects to make..
The silvery necklace isn't silver, and not a single link has all its diamanté's, but it just the right kind of worn vintage look I like. Same with the shabby faux pearl necklace. But the triple bracelet at the top is made of real egg-shaped irregular pearls, which can all be used in different ways.

More books were found in that week before the lock-down, most for free outside a secondhand bookshop. Gorgeous florals and botanical illustrations, an art book full of different paintings, and delicious vintage covers with raised patterns. The short-hand manual also has loads of pages great for back grounds, all those little scribbles. There are still people that know how to use that secretary code. Actually when I arrived in NZ you could still take typing and shorthand classes at school.

These books have already been relieved of their stories, Daisy was a particularly irksome tale and saccharine sweet. The wonderful holiday is a great title for a travel journal, don't you think?

A long sari veil, and tatted lace, just because. The long gold-tone brooch can be re-used and would look great in a necklace. But the hoop earrings are for myself, just as they are, in sterling silver. Tell you what, the serviettes from before could have paid for 3 sets of those earrings!
Hurrah, for fossicking! I feel I have satisfied a bit of op-shop cravings, for now...

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