Jul 25, 2009

Mystery photos and market planning.

  In the school holidays I went opshopping ( ofcourse) and I also popped into the local antique store . There I found these old photographs , to which I took a liking. Some forgotten people from the past.
The first 3 are of the same mystery woman , but at different life stages. First alone , then married and then her first child , I'd say a boy. She looks like she was born in the 1800's. Very young looking in her wedding photo , and her new husband too.... I think her name was Madge , or maybe Maybel. Or is she an Agatha? 
 How many kids did she get , and did they all survive their first two years! What with scarlet fever , polio and t.b.c. or "consumption" and strange ideas of hygiene .
The 4th woman is from a later date , and I reckon she was more bubbly with a loud laugh, but fiery personality. I don't think you messed with Prue , or is she Anne? Something snappy , I feel.  I hope she married a suitable bloke , who totally got her.  Probably not.......She has this determined look in her face.
The snowflake is made of a delicate porcelain , and  I unravelled the ribbon in all it's shiny baby blue.  Et voila , a little Winter display to look at.
    More silk and merino wool felted flower brooches. They are so soft to the touch. All ready to be sold , yeah!!
     I got sick a week before the holidays  , the symptoms were suspiciously like swine-flu , both my teen girls did too. But for me it resulted in another bout of bronchitis,  to which I am prone. And a chest infection , so inhalers, anti-biotics and many nights of coughing in my husband's easy chair , which can be pushed into a near lying position. He was away for most of the first week for a work conference , so we didn't make him sick.  It lasted a good 10 days. 
   After that I did manage to get in to my studio , and actually finished sewing all those Dutch fabrics into 236 double sided triangles. All red-white-blue with a little orange.  PPfffff....
  And now I have made up 4 sets already , with one on www.trademe.co.nz  to try , and some on my Felt website shop. I 'll try to make up one a week , and sell them at the Rudolph Steiner School Fair before Christmas and the Next Hohepa country Fair next Autumn. Lots of Dutchies and related people visit those events.
   I stencilled the Delft kissing boy and girl on the fabric with acrylic and a fabric medium mix.  The Delft "tile" came from a tablecloth.  The bandanna fabric from original "farmer's hankies". The checks and stripes are cotton woven fabrics.  
   And they all have an orange ribbon or bias binding to hang from." Oranje boven!"; Orange above !    They are ready for all sorts of festivities.

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