Jan 11, 2009

Lazy Summer Days...

A few days after Christmas our family foursome went on a holiday to York Bay , which is on the other side of Wellington Harbour. We were being luxurious this year and rented a cottage for a whole week. Thank goodness for my job... We planned on doing a bit of shopping , reading books ,eating easy meals , no obligations to anyone and relaxing. It worked brilliantly! I spend my pocket money on secondhand clothes; very good outlets in Wellington , mainly Rebound. I have a whole new wardrobe ,including 7 shirts and tops , 4 gorgeous floaty skirts , one of them silk , hush puppy shoes , 2 handbags and a green beret. Also a pair of glasses , the frame of which suits me very well , so I'm going to have new prescription lenses put in them. That should save us 100's of dollars.  So all those items for about 110 dollars, I am well pleased with how I used my yearly xmas money.  Also found a felting book second hand.  We twice had a really good look around the Cuba street shops , some really imaginative boutiques and both the girls spend some of their money there. We ate in cafe's and an Indian Restaurant. We used the train and the bus service to get into Wellington , so no parking hassles. 
 And that is me in the outside bath , which had piped hot water from the house. I watched the sunset from there while 2 tuis fed their young in the nest above me in the trees. Absolute magic!!
We had marvelous views from our little house on the hill. The weather was great most of the week , one night of rain and high winds was all. Lovely sunsets in the west. Since we live on the East coast , this was wonderful to watch.
A large deck was on one side of the the cottage , which had every thing we needed ; bedding, basic cooking stuffs , cd-player with a drawer full of music , tv , woodburner , and a fantastic shower , washingmachine, comfy furniture. We'd love to come back. My brother and his wife came over one evening to catch up , and we had fish and chips together on the deck.
Wellington does look so good on sunny days! You can tell it is windy though by the way the trees are bend over. My love had 3 weeks off work in all , something he hasn't had for a couple of years due to him having changed jobs a few times. So he enjoyed himself  , I loved having him home all that time. 
Back home we went to the local auction house for a morning , and I "won" a cardboard box full of haberdashery , I never have to buy ric-rac or embroidered braiding again...!

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I own a designer chidrens clothing & accessories shop in New Plymouth. I would appreciate it if you could please post an email address on your blog so I could contact you re stocking your bush babies...

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