Sep 2, 2008

Spring has sprung!

      The apricot tree in our backyard is blossoming. A bit iffy , because we can still get some frosts here , and we sure aren't going to order a helicopter to fly over our garden early in the morning ,  like the big orchardists do around here . Some years we get a few dozen and some years we get absolutely hundreds of apricots on our 2 trees. Time will tell. 

     I finished a blossom pixie on the weekend. I have started making my BushBabies with embroidered faces lately . This way I don't have to worry if their faces are smudged ( don't actually know if they do) . The next pixie is half finished , and then I'll make some Kowhai flower pixies. 
  Don't you just love that fragile pink blossom against the pale blue sky? Gorgeous.

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