Aug 29, 2008

Cake and Presents.

    Here is a delicious cake baked by my eldest for her boyfriend. I had to go and deliver it yesterday at his high school in lunchtime. Apparently his friends are now bemoaning the  fact that their girlfriends don't bake. Ah , the love of a man does go through their stomach...

    And here is a "cake " I baked a little while ago for my friends birthday. I used some of my own found fabrics ( in an opportunity shop that is) and some of hers that she was throwing out due to lack of space ; a vintage apron in greens and white and one of her late grandmothers' embroidered doilies.
   My friend likes to draw , so I got her a visual diary with good paper and proceeded to make her a cover for it. The appliqued plants and insects came from a shirt , and are zig-zagged on.

   With the book I added an art roll for pencils etc. and included some  basic colours of water soluble crayons. It rolls up and ties with the apron strings. And since the first blank space in a new art book can always be a bit daunting to start on , I collaged her a title page.  Now her grandmothers' embroidery can be put to good use. 

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