Jun 22, 2014

Summer Songs and Autumn Games.

Our bare oaktree.
 Recently we had our little nephew staying with us for a weekend, which is not a common happening, but it all went splendidly. The best game ever was jumping into a humongous pile of dried leaves, which are plentiful at this house. Our oaktree loses its leaves early on in the season, and only takes about 2 or 3 weeks to go completely bare, giving us lots of light in the house during winter.

Best game in a big pile of leaves.
 Jumping in, diving in, crawling in, and back out. Until his fingers and ears were cold, and he came inside for dinner.
But this is an even bigger pile of leaves!
 And the next day there was an even bigger pile, made by uncle, hours worth of Play!

A summer singing assemblage, using encaustic medium.
 I've had another go at beeswax, or encaustic art. This time to adhere and cover natural materials, lichens, dried flowers, a cicada husk, a piece of seaglass, and paper cut-outs.
There is an exhibition coming up in our local bookshop, of matchbox art, and an auction will be held to raise funds for the new community art centre.

Assemblage using natural materials and paper cut-out.
Inspiration came from a little poem about a little boy who kept a beetle in a matchbox.

Assemblage art in a matchbox.
Teeny, tiny art...

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